About Me

You can contact me on:

email: giddy@f2s.com


Cell phone: +447913-670221

I make paintings
I write poetry
I design t-shirts
I’ll probably create other things as I think of them..

Making things is a compulsion – its something you can’t help doing it.

All the things I make are funny, cheeky things, serious and awe-inspiring things, things that make you go “Hmmm…” They are unique things.

I write poems that will make you stop and think for that small moment, when you’re on a bus, or reading in bed, last thing at night.

I make t-shirts that will make you laugh, and others laugh with you (but not at you).

I make cool things that will look good on your wall. Cleverer, brighter things that are a little more special than wallpaper. Things your friends will enjoy when they visit with you.

They are spiritual (but also understandable) things.

Some people in the USA own these things, some have them in the UK. I’m looking to send my things to other continents too, so if you have a small space of wall, a book-shaped space on your bookcase, or a chest that needs to be clothed, then I’d love to hear from you.

I make most of my things in the bell tower of a church called St. Matthew’s, Westminster (in the middle of London, UK). I am the artist-in-residence there.

I go to moot, and you will be able to get some of my things through their website, shortly.

4 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Muy cancheros tus trabajos!
    Siempre me acuerdo del pequeño altar con pequenos vidrios tipo “disco” que hacías en Buenos Aires. Siempre guardas una relación con lo religioso. Interesante!

  2. Gracias, Damián.

    Si, es verdad…

  3. mindinmanypeices Says:

    Hey mike, just wanna say thanks for your comment, i so want to get into this, but the year has been nightmare, often loss of sight. so seemed a good point to start at end of year. Just wanted to say in reading your about me, how strangely similar some things iv e noticed about us, [never noticed as kids], but your compulsion to create is so show it is for me. Infact balances finely as to whether compusion become obsession. But i feel compelled to create and produce each day, if i dont i feel incompleate, lack of satisfaction, and i am driven to all hrs of the night painting or making fairies. But doesnt stop there, any odds n sods must find a use. So i started making tiny books of encouragement out of left over chipboard, jewellery, now i want to make a wishing well for the kids on my fairysite. I just feel comforted that im not alone, and also im glad im creative, creativity is pro active, for me like reproducing bits of me and often giving them away, which is another compulsion. I too feel the need to make people laugh, or think carefully, im a total perfectionist, which reakon you are too, symetry gives it away in your art. i love you stuff, and glad i refound you under weird circumstance, u inspire me greatly luv Tabs

  4. You know, one of my earliest memories of you, T?

    I remember sitting in some youth group holiday hut next to you and Byron Williams (Remember him?!?)

    We were about 13, and you asked me “Are you going to go to art college?”

    And I answered: “Yeh, great, when is it?”

    I had no concept or grasp of the idea of art college, or that it was something you did after you left school at eighteen. I thought it was just something you did in your spare time.

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