Art studio: The one disadvantage.

They call me Quasimodo.


5 Responses to “Art studio: The one disadvantage.”

  1. That’s no doubt very jarring at times.Is that an hourly bell or quarter hourly?

  2. Fortunately it only goes off at 12, 12.30, and 5.30 – to announce mass.

    But actually the fact that it’s only once a day makes me leap out of my skin all the more when it does happen, as I’m never expecting it.

  3. Hey – I could watch it.
    A bit bumpy, but it worked.
    I’m sure it’s a romantic place, but THOSE bells?!
    I lived between 3 churches (close by) once.
    NEVER again!

  4. That’s funny. You have a fine set of gnashers by the way. You could be mouth model if the plumbing work doesn’t pick up.

  5. that had me laughing out loud 🙂

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