PAX target

This is my next Free Art Friday work that I’m leaving out tomorrow.

The last one was smashed up, and the previous one had bricks hurled at it. I figure that if they’re going to hurl stuff at it, I might as well give them something to aim at. At least they’re not hurling stuff at the cars or each other, and it might help improve their aim.


2 Responses to “PAX target”

  1. Well, it was put out at 6am on Friday. By the time I got home some 12 hours later, it was smashed into little bits.

    That’s some kind of new record! Normally they last until Monday.

  2. Bothering to hurl bricks at something requires real considered effort…:) …Well…Crap that it’s the only response, but it’s a response.

    Actually that’s not at all bad… I mean… Mostly if you show your work in a gallery (Erm.. if you’re that “lucky” that is.) never actually hear/get a response – and as for selling stuff…

    (I.e.Don’t lose heart…) /L

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