Evolution of PAX

I’ve done another work to leave out for Free Art Friday first thing tomorrow morning. I thought it would be easier to post a video as it’s so long and thin.

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  1. really like this piece mike – especially as dawkins has a new series out (presume this is where the link came from)? Cannot believe your giving it away – I feel like popping down to south london this morning to try and nab it. but guess that wouldn’t really be in the spirit of the thing (or maybe it would be?). would you be up for doing something similar as a commission?

  2. Hey mate – Sadly “Evolution…” has already been taken – you’re too late!

    Would definitely be up for a commission, though. Perhaps we should discuss money privately…

  3. discuss money privately? are you crazy 😉

    ok will buzz you an email 🙂 cannot believe some lucky mug got that for free.

  4. Great work…!

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